I’m a big fan of silence, and I do think there’s too little of it in modern life. Saying that however, I do have tinitus, which means I have a constant ringing in my ears. So while I appreciate silence, I’m never going to achieve that nirvana just yet. Despite that I’ve been looking for a quiet PC Solution for years…

Anyway, I often back Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects, and while I’ve had a couple of failures and one I’m still waiting on 3 years later, I can say for the most part the projects I’ve backed are excellent. I have been looking for a silent PC case to replace my iMac 5k because my 2 year Mac experiment is coming to an end (that’s another post waiting to happen). I’ve been looking on and off for a couple of months and the nearest I can get to is a water cooled monster which will take several days to put together and run in. I’ve never watercooled before and while I know the entry level has come down significantly in the last few years, I’m not sure I want that aggro in my life. And besides, they still have fans!

I was searching online and I came across this video (link above) from Linus Tech Tips which really peaked my attention. After a quick search it brought up an active Kickstarter campaign that had only just started!

A completely fanless PC?

It’s completely fan free noiseless pc case for a CPU and GPU. Which is pretty unique considering most ‘silent’ cases only deal with the CPU for home theatre builds.

The tech has been around a while and is based around patented Phase Change cooling, where capillary action helps to circulate a coolant around a pipe & radiator. There’s no pump as the temperature differential is enough to drive the circulation round the solution. No fans are needed on the radiator as they’re huge, so the potential is there for a world first completely silent gaming PC.

So, while the asking price is pretty high, I reckon I’m about even:

Total cost for a basic case & cooling solution (that minimises noise) is £355 with that aftermarket GPU Cooler.

If you go with a water-cooled system:

  • Case – £100 (Gonna need a bigger case)
  • A standard EK kit is around £250
  • A waterblock for a graphics card is about £80 aftermarket
  • Liquid & bits – £20

Total cost is about £450 before you even add all of the electronics in. Add to that, the nightmare of running it in, servicing it etc…

The NSG SO (ok rubbish name) is 579 Euros which is £500 give or take brexit, if you get in there early enough, they’ve already got my pledge.

Can’t wait.

Written by Kieron Bissett